[Review & Publish] Fedora Social Hour


Matthew, Neal, and I are hosting a Fedora Social Hour video chat event Thursday April 2. This is a post to publicize it. I intend to update the post when we have a join link, probably the day before. I hope this is OK. I put it in review on the Community Blog:


Let me know what you think! TIA


I’m going to push this through because I found out Ben is on PTO and we want folks to know about it since it’s happening in a week. Hope this is ok!

Here is the link in case someone reading here is interested: https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/come-socialize-at-the-fedora-social-hour/

It’s at 01:00 AM in my timzone, I guess many Europeans won’t make it.

I need to be better about watching for these, it’s totally a faux-pas on my part to keep missing them!

BTW @duffy, I saw the comment about better time zone options for folks in other places. Alternating times is one idea, but if you can find a co-conspirator in another time zone, you could encourage someone else to host one of these in a time zone that is more convenient for them. Perhaps someone like @sumantrom or @siddharthvipul would be interested in hosting an IST-friendly Social Hour. But I’m also not sure what the Internet connectivity is like right now across India.

@siddharthvipul if you folks are planning for an IST Friendly Social hour, I would love to help in Planning it as it would make it PKT (Pakistani Time) Friendly too.

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I had this in mind, thank you @jwf
something like UTC+1? (For both EU and my timezone)
@sayanchowdhury @cverna @sumantrom @nasirhm @returntrip
What do you all think of the timing? :slight_smile:


If we plan it, there is nothing much to help, just show up :smiley:


UTC+1, sounds cool.

Looking forward to attend it.


For me that time would be fine but many people in Europe are probably working at that time. Maybe UTC +2 (or +3) might be better?

I propose next week (April 9th) we do it at 2PM UTC (10AM EST, 7:30PM IST)… I like connecting with the people in APAC too much! I personally don’t want to divide the attendees. Thoughts?


I like the idea of alternating times. Let’s try this one next week!

Do we want to do Matrix/Jitsi again? I can be on my computer with a camera. :slight_smile:


Should we do another community blog post for next week?

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An aside I thought worth mentioning, I prefer Jitsi-based video but it works better with Chrome/Chromium. There are some upstream fixes waiting to land in Firefox for WebRTC that will bring better support for Jitsi in Firefox later in 2020.

It would be nice to see the FPL too :smile:

That would be great!