[Review & Publish] Fedora Podcast call for contributors

Could I get an editor to look at this? The Fedora Podcast is coming back! But it needs your help. – Fedora Community Blog

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Edited and queued. It’s scheduled for 0800 UTC Tuesday.

  • Added category and tags
  • Added a featured image
  • Converted the markdown to blocks so I can do the rest of the edits (this was remarkably less easy than I would have expected)
  • Inserted a “read more” element
  • Inserted headings
  • Edited text to:
    • Shorten sentences
    • Remove passive voice
    • Change the focus from the author to the reader (e.g. “how you can help” instead of “we need help with”)

Cool! Thanks, and sorry about the markdown… I drafted in markdown so it was easier to copy and paste, plus I don’t like blocks lol. I’m an old fashioned wordpress editor guy, been using it for too long I guess.

No worries. I tend to write drafts in markdown, too. I didn’t expect WordPress to make it impossible to convert to blocks. I needed that in order to insert the “read more” element. Otherwise, I’d have made the edits in markdown.

FWIW, what I do for Friday’s Fedora Facts is write it in markdown (in a git repo) through the week and then feed it to pandoc to convert to HTML. In WordPress, I go into code mode, paste the HTML, and then go back to visual and convert to blocks. It’s not nearly as streamlined as I’d like, but it works I guess :man_shrugging:

Great minds think alike :grinning:

For what it’s worth, my WordPress blog has an option to compose posts in Markdown. It is one-click to go between Markdown and HTML. I thought this was a Core or Jetpack feature, but now I’m not sure.