[Review & Publish] Fedora Kernel 5.17 running now!


@bcotton, the Kernel 5.17 test week is running now alongside CoreOS, I want to get the Kernel out today and the CoreOS by tomorrow or day after…

Link for Kernel Test Week :Log In ‹ Fedora Community Blog — WordPress

I will add the draft link for CoreOS right away after drafting

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Fedora CoreOS : Log In ‹ Fedora Community Blog — WordPress


  1. since you tagged bcotton, do you prefer him to review it or would it be okay for me to take it for a review-and-schedule too?

  2. Do you want both blogs going out at the same time?

Usually we target Tuesday and Thursday for non time-sensitive things – We can push the test day blog tomorrow (since it’s already ongoing)

Cleaned up some of the wording. The Kernel post is live now and the CoreOS post is scheduled for 0800 UTC tomorrow.

Please please please try to get these to us before the test days start. Ideally at least a few days in advance so that we can plan content accordingly.


Thanks to both of you. You guys are truly Fedorables :slight_smile:

Ben, I will bear that in mind :smiley: