[Review & Publish] Fedora Community Outreach Revamp Update #4


I have prepared a blogpost with updates about the Community Outreach Revamp and saved it as draft on the commblog WordPress. I have added an image (the same image) within the article and as the featured image. On the public preview, the image seems to appear 2 times. I am not sure whether this is how it is supposed to happen or I am missing something.

Can someone please review and schedule for publication?


That’s expected. You don’t need to put the image in the body of the post, just as the featured image.

Would publication next Thursday (25 Feb) work? We have a few other posts in the queue.

Part of the blogpost is that we will have a presentation on DevConf.cz this weekend, on Feb 20. If there is no “space” for the blogpost to be published this week, I will have to edit it and remove the call for participation at DevConf.cz.

Let me know if I should edit it.

Okay, I’ll move the schedule around a bit and get it ready for Thursday publication.

I made a few minor edits for style and sentence length. It’s scheduled to publish at 0800 UTC on Thursday 18 February.

That’s great! Thank you :slight_smile: