[Review & Publish] Creative Freedom Art Challenge Info & Guidelines

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Please review and publish the following blog post on May 29th or 30th, ideally. It should post before June 1st, but on June 1st would be okay as well.

Thank you!

Ack. I’m on a field trip with my daughter’s school, but I’ll review it no later than the end of Sunday

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A note for the schedule, there will be three posts coming from me next week: the F38 elections announcement, information about the F38 release party, and information about the Flock CFP.

If the art challenge post can be reviewed and posted earlier than next week, that would be no issue for the creative summit team! It just needs to go before or on June 1st :slight_smile:

Can you please open new threads for those or put the dates in the schedule topic to keep this topic focused? Thanks!

I made a few minor edits to add links and correct style. In particular, I put the hashtags in medial case for improved accessibility. Also, I fixed the Instagram handle (it was “fedora”, but the correct handle is “TheFedoraProject”. It’s scheduled for 2023-05-30T08:00:00Z

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Thanks for double checking my work and getting this ready to go :smiley: :tada:

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