[Review & Publish] Communishift is available

Article Summary:
This is an announcement article for communishift (OpenShift instance hosted for Fedora community).

Article Description:
Announcement of Communishift being available and details about it.

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Featured image or inspiration for one?
Something OpenShift related

Discussed in the 2024-02-27 editor roundtable.

Hi @zlopez, we discussed this article in the editor roundtable yesterday, and the article topic is excellent! We had some feedback for you to improve this article. Would you be able to address this feedback before publishing?

  1. Available resources for Communishift environment. What kinds of things can people run here? Does it have to be containerized applications? Do they need to know something about Kubernetes/OpenShift? Can they work with a VM? More guidance on what kinds of things can be run in the environment would be helpful.
  2. Points of contact for questions. Is there a Fedora Discussion tag (infrastructure-team?) and/or a Fedora Chat room (#admin:fedoraproject.org?) where people can go with questions, if they need more details? Where can someone go if they are interested but not yet ready to open a ticket?

We agreed on an ideal publication date of Thursday, 7 March if this feedback could be incorporated.

Thanks @zlopez, let us know if you have questions!

This is the featured image I came up with, since Communishift was promoted as a “community playground,” at least back in 2019, so I felt that this visual messaging was a good fit. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think I addressed your feedback.

  1. Added a link to OpenShift in the first paragraph and added a word containerized to second one. Everything else should be in user documentation linked in the last paragraph.
  2. I added links to both discussion.fedoraproject.org and matrix room.

Thanks @zlopez, the changes look good! This article is now scheduled for 2024-03-07T08:00:00Z. Thanks for writing for the CommBlog.

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