[Review & Publish] Annual Contributor Survey Blog post

Please review.
I am working with Vipul to get this published tomorrow.

Thank you!

The text looks good, but it needs a link to the survey. Ideally, a link to previous survey results would be nice, too.

I will add the links and schedule it :slight_smile:

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  • the featured image was wrong (from “Data set is available blog”), replaced it with the general contributor’s survey
  • Added links to the survey
  • Added a statement pointing to last survey’s findings
  • added some SEO related things

If you want to know more about our last year’s survey or explore the data set, checkout “Fedora Contributor Annual Survey Data Set Available”.

I have scheduled the blog to go out tomorrow 8AM UTC
If you want to change the last statement, don’t hesitate! :slight_smile: