[Review & Publish] A Sneak-Peek at Fedora Zine

I drafted an article on the progress on the Fedora Zine.
There is no deadline for publishing but obviously the sooner, the better :slight_smile:


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Hi Ella, it looks great. WordPress was complaining about some of the HTML of the gallery, so can you please verify that the preview looks how you intended. If not, we can fix it. I have it scheduled for Tuesday the 23rd since there’ s a bit of a backlog at the moment. If that’s too late, I can run it in a one-off slot.

Hey Ben,
For some reason I can’t enter the preview to check that, maybe because it is scheduled and not a draft any longer?

Hm. As the author, you should still be able to see it. But here’s a public preview link that should work either way.

Thanks for that.
For some reason it is indeed not appearing as I drafted it.
I drafted all the photos into slides and yet they’re somehow appearing individually

That’s what I thought. I’ll see what I can do to fix that this afternoon.

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@elladaniels I created a new slide show and added your images and it looks right now so :man_shrugging: . Does the new preview look good to you?

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Hey Ben,
It looks perfect, thanks!

Just wanted to let you know I’m shuffling the schedule a bit, so this will now publish on Thursday 25 February. Sorry for the delay!