Review & Pubish: Code of Conduct report for 2022

Article Summary:

This is the code of conduct report for last year.

Article Description:

The opening paragraph is probably a better “by the way” at the end. It doesn’t talk about the substance of the post. Do you want to take a pass at writing a new intro or would you like me to?

Does the listing of this year’s stats immediately before the table add any value? I’m leaning toward cutting those and just leaving the table, but I’m open to arguments they should stay.

Also: it would be helpful to provide a brief explanation of the difference between a moderation and suspension (and ban)

I would love any improvements you’d make. (Also note @riecatnor provided the first draft.)

@bcotton & @mattdm I am fine with whatever edits you feel is necessary- I followed the format we used in previous reports. I will note that while I like the table, the format of the left hand column is a bit :woozy_face: design wise, unless all the letters are capitalized (what I am referring to is Y e a r being vertically stacked).

I blame Vipul. I’m working on the “writing advice” blog series he asked for so now I’m more sensitive to these sorts of things. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s gross. I think I can fix that with some manual editing of the HTML to force the column width. Alternatively, we could rotate the table so that years are columns instead of rows, but that only buys us a year or two and looks meh.

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@mattdm @riecatnor what do you think of this new draft?

Looks good to me, nice job on the reformatting to reduce design cringes :wink:

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Yeah —thanks!

Thanks! I’ve scheduled it for 2023-02-02T08:00:00Z