[Review and publish] "Outreachy participation update"


Can someone please review and publish this, thank you.

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Reviewing :slight_smile:


Thanks @siddharthvipul1 , do let me know if I can help in any way too (although I don’t think I have rights to view previews etc. at the moment on the commblog).

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your feedback would be great for this
I have enabled public preview… do take a look :slight_smile: My experience as a NeuroFedora intern (Outreachy) – Fedora Community Blog

I am yet to make any changes (that includes adding featured images, tags, categories etc)


Thank you so much!

I have scheduled the blog for Tuesday, Jan 25th!
Following are the changes I made

  • A couple of grammatical fixes
  • Broke down sentences in bullet points to improve readability
  • Set outreachy featured image
  • Set correct tags, categories, some SEO things etc

Please go through it once and see if the changes make sense


wow it looks awesome! thank you :smile:

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Looks very good, thanks @siddharthvipul1 !

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