[Review and Publish] Linux Day 2019 @ Bari: A Retrospective


I’d like a review for my article Linux Day 2019 @ Bari: A Retrospective and publish it if no problems are found.
Please note that this is my first article and event I take. Any suggestion is duly noted!

Thank you!


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@corsaro this looks good except for one thing: can you please upload the photos to WordPress instead of hotlinking them from your site? Once you’ve done that, I’ll set one of them as the featured image and schedule this to publish on Tuesday 5 November.

@bcotton unfortunately I am unable to upload those images on Wordpress, it says: “Sorry, you are not allowed to upload files.”
Can you help me gain the rights to do so?

Thank you.

I set your account to the Author role, so you should be able to upload the images now.

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Thank you, I’ve uploaded all my images to the Wordpress platform and organized them as a Media Gallery.


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Awesome, thanks! This will publish Tuesday morning.