[Review and Publish] Forthcoming Kubernetes Changes In Rawhide

Article Summary:
Details important changes to Kubernetes version and package organization/structure that will be pushed to rawhide in early January 2024.

Article Description:
The kubernetes team has released a new version (v1.29) that will replace the v1.28 version currently in rawhide. This can be a breaking change to existing clusters. In addition, the v1.29 Fedora packages have a new structure and organization (approved change for F40).

Link to draft

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Kubernetes runs applications in containers. So shipping containers are often used as images…

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This will need to wait for a change request approval. thanks!

@buckaroogeek Okay, no problem. Please bump here when it is ready or if there are any changes to the publishing plan.

Justin - The change request for Kubernetes 1.29 has been approved. Please publish this draft when convenient. I am targeting a Jan 26 push of the new Kubernetes to rawhide. I made a few edits to the wordpress draft.

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Discussed in 2024-01-23 Community Blog editor roundtable.

Hi @buckaroogeek, sounds good. How about I schedule it for next Tuesday, 30 January? This way, there is time over the weekend for the update to get dropped into Rawhide and synchronized across the mirror network.

Let me know if you prefer something else. Otherwise, I will share a final preview link back here once it is scheduled.

Thanks Justin. That works well. Much appreciated!

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I scheduled the post for 2024-01-30T08:00:00Z. You can check the public preview that everything looks right.

I created a featured image, added section headers, made minor grammar edits, and set the article metadata.

@buckaroogeek, reply here if anything looks off, but otherwise, this will go out automatically next Tuesday.

Looking good! Many thanks