[Review and Publish] Fedora Magazine trying Discourse

The Fedora Magazine community is switching to Discourse tomorrow, Thursday 25 June. To help spread the word, I’ve written an article for the CommBlog about this: https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/?p=8975

Could we get that published tomorrow morning?


Ack. I’ll get it reviewed and scheduled right after the magazine meeting

This is exciting news! :smile:

Made a few small tweaks and scheduled it for 0700 UTC tomorrow!

I follow the link to an error 404, is that right?
[edit] And is it going to be ‘fedoramagazine.fedoraproject.org’ ?

I follow the link to an error 404, is that right?

Yes. You’re not an admin on the Community Blog and it hasn’t published yet.

And is it going to be ‘fedoramagazine.fedoraproject.org’ ?

No, it’s discussion.fedoraproject.org (where we are now, just a different category)

Ahh, okay that makes sense. For both. Thanks for the explanation.

I’m still uncertain how does this work. Where should I sign? Where are the links? How do I try it?
Sorry if the questions look silly.


It’s all in the article that just published this morning: https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/fedora-magazine-trying-discourse/

Christ, I wonder why. It’s going to make it a lot harder to communicate on
Magazine articles and the like… It was a nice, straightforward process with
the mailing list.

Hello @JohnMH,
This is a trial period, so let’s see how it works out. The editorial board isn’t generally speaking, into adding to their expected workload, but we are into adding contributors to the magazine, and of course content.

Thanks for the thoughts on the topic.