[Review and Publish] Fedora Magazine trying Discourse

The Fedora Magazine community is switching to Discourse tomorrow, Thursday 25 June. To help spread the word, I’ve written an article for the CommBlog about this: Fedora Magazine trying Discourse – Fedora Community Blog

Could we get that published tomorrow morning?


Ack. I’ll get it reviewed and scheduled right after the magazine meeting

This is exciting news! :smile:

Made a few small tweaks and scheduled it for 0700 UTC tomorrow!

I follow the link to an error 404, is that right?
[edit] And is it going to be ‘fedoramagazine.fedoraproject.org’ ?

I follow the link to an error 404, is that right?

Yes. You’re not an admin on the Community Blog and it hasn’t published yet.

And is it going to be ‘fedoramagazine.fedoraproject.org’ ?

No, it’s discussion.fedoraproject.org (where we are now, just a different category)

Ahh, okay that makes sense. For both. Thanks for the explanation.

I’m still uncertain how does this work. Where should I sign? Where are the links? How do I try it?
Sorry if the questions look silly.


It’s all in the article that just published this morning: Fedora Magazine trying Discourse – Fedora Community Blog

Christ, I wonder why. It’s going to make it a lot harder to communicate on
Magazine articles and the like… It was a nice, straightforward process with
the mailing list.

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Hello @JohnMH,
This is a trial period, so let’s see how it works out. The editorial board isn’t generally speaking, into adding to their expected workload, but we are into adding contributors to the magazine, and of course content.

Thanks for the thoughts on the topic.

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Mailing lists is an awesome things to be notified of all things that go one, and with proper shortcut it is even a great time saver. Maybe discourse already supports that mode?

Currently the editors are set to watch this category (Magazine) and therefore we are all getting notified whenever a comment is made in this category. It creates a lot of extra information on our end, but seems to be having the desired affect of more community involvement with the magazine. So I don’t really mind the extra and sorting through it if the end goal is to get more involvement and more content generated from within the community. For the record, any member of this discussion forum can watch any category or topic they choose to, and then track what they are interested in getting notifications about. I too like email notifications, hence I watch this category (ie I set my preferences for this category to Watch - top right corner of page).

Discourse supports email replies. At least it proposed me to write the reply from email. Looks like it works ok as a list replacement.

Yes it does indeed, and I have replied that way too sometimes, especially when I can’t login to the instance and respond on the thread to the notification. So, it sort of is the same, but different than the list.

Discourse is not sufficient as a replacement for mailing lists. It screws up
formatting, puts replies out of order, and it’s needlessly harder to filter
emails by mailing list. Instead, everything from Discourse is all thrown

That sounds like an RFE for the Discourse email interface. I bet people coming from forum experience can not imagine what formatting, reply order and filtering is considered to be industry proven interface among mailing list users. If we speak about Mailman, the inability to subscribe only to specific threads killed all the fun for me, when there are became too mailing lists at some point.