[Review and Publish] Fedora Linux 35 Kernel 5.14 Test Week


@bcotton , I will also cue up an GNOME 41 test week post today, if you can schedule it it will be awesome. Thank you


@bcotton, I have queued another post, this one is GNOME 41 which is very important

The Kernel Test Week post will go out tomorrow at 0800 UTC. The GNOME 41 post contains a bunch of outdated version and date references. Please let me know when those are corrected and I’ll get it scheduled.

Sorry Ben,my bad its updated now!
please bless

I corrected the date (you had an August 2020 date, so I used 2021-09-09 from the wiki page) and changed Freenode to Libera. It’s scheduled to publish on Monday at 0800 UTC.