[Review and Publish] Fedora 36 GNOME 42 and i18n test week

@bcotton The announcement awaits your blessings.

@sumantrom Lots of issues here.

First this is clearly wrong:

i’ll update that to reflect the dates on the wiki and hope that’s correct.

There’s also this:

I assume the URL in the text is accidental? I’ll make that change as well. Please let me know if that’s incorrect.

Also, the link to the i18n wiki was broken (you had ttp:// instead of https://)

I corrected the dates for the i18n test day in the post to match the wiki page.

I corrected F33 to F36.

The text for the i18n test day was for GNOME. I made up something that I hope works well enough.

I reordered the GNOME and i18n sections so that they appear in the order that we’re holding the test weeks.

I changed various instances of “day” to “week”.

I set the category, tags, and featured image.

Minor wording tweaks.

And in the future, it would really help to have these posts submitted with more than a few hours notice before the test weeks start. I’ll hit publish on this now.