Revert back to Fedora 35?

I have an old laptop with the troublesome RTL8188EE network card. It was working great on Fedora 35. Upgraded to Fedora 36 and now I cannot connect to wifi. It just won’t hold the connections - it will connect for 30 seconds - 1 minute and disconnect. Search for wifi and connects again for 30 seconds and disconnect to search for wifi … and it continues.
I’m hoping Fedora 35 will eliminate that issue - so, I’m asking is it possible to download Fedora 35 anywhere? Or is it possible to revert back to 35 from 36?

Thank you

You should be able to find old installation images here:

It’s probably just the “kernel” packages that need to be downgraded or upgraded. Most of the time, problems with the behavior of the hardware are due to the drivers and, on Linux, the hardware drivers typically come with the kernel. Unfortunately, downgrading that is non-trivial.

Edit: Unless you just upgraded to Fedora Linux 36. In that case, the older Fedora Linux 35 kernel might still be on your system and you might be able to chose it during system startup. Fedora Linux keeps the previous three kernels by default.

Thank you for the link. Downloading it now.

I tend to do clean installs; kernel is no longer there.

I had the same problem with my tablet and also had to roll back to 35.

Glad I’m not the only one!
Did it fix the issue?

Have you tried an older kernel before re-installing the whole thing? There are LTS kernels in a COPR.

It did for me.