Resuming laptop from suspend won't turn on the screen sometimes

My laptop sometimes randomly won’t resume from suspend correctly making me have to do a force restart, I know it resumes from suspend because I can see the power button on the side go from blinking (it blinks when it’s in suspend) to just glowing as if the laptop was powered on, it doesn’t matter if the laptop was under load or not when I suspend it. It is an HP 13-4103dx with an i7-6500U and 520 HD Graphics and an Intel AX200 Wi-Fi card if that matters?

Hi - is this new behavior, or was there a recent change that coincided with the failed resumes from suspend?

I have no idea if this is helpful or not, but my wife’s business recently purchased a new laptop which almost never successfully resumed from suspend (this was in Windows 11), and the issue seemed to be that it “thought” it could successfully use the S0 suspend state when it really could only use S3 - more details on what those are can be found here:

If it’s a long-standing issue, and if cat /sys/power/mem_sleep shows that “s2idle” is the default (in square brackets), then changing the default to “deep” (if it’s supported) in the kernel command line might be worth a shot?

Deep sleep is enabled by default with mine, and this has been happening since Ive switched to linux.