Restoring the earlier setup?

I have fallen into a situation where I met my friends who wants to have the exact setup that I have, and would be great to replicate easily on multiple machines. NixOS has the feature that I can deploy the same config/setup over and over, but it would be a nice feature on Fedora too, in case I need to reinstall (or maybe feed a list with anaconda at boot setup?). Is it possible to save a categorized apps list? Or a shared/mirrored container would be available? Better on flatpacks and silverblue, or separately with list of rpms?


I would look into the Universal Blue project, where they are using container images as a way to build and distribute a customized operating system. You have the ability to preload flatpaks, install custom RPMs, and embed configuration files using that method.

I don’t think it matches the same level of reproduction that NixOS offers, but it seems like a good compromise.

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Here is the case: what I would like to see, is to save my old lapop setup, and apps list, and would like to restore it as is that I had before with everything. Containers, flatpaks are really promising, but would it be possible to save my settings, apps, and configs - and feed it back/migrate to an another machine?

Yeah it’d be the same as whatever you’re using now to backup your home directory. I use dejadup to do this but any backup program should work.

Post caffeine edit: To be more specific I’m talking about the app settings and configs. If you install your flatpaks with --user that should cover your GUI applications too. Anaconda w/ kickstart is probably the way to go for the system image at this time. Once the OCI support matures it’ll be more straightforward to do this.

You might want to look at sesivany/linux-desktop-migration-tool: Linux Desktop Migration Tool aims to make migration from one Linux desktop machine to another as easy as possible. - linux-desktop-migration-tool -


This is what I looking for. This should be part of the anaconda as module, and hopefully we get a feature that already exists in between android phones - as just fallen into my mind. If you get an new android phone usually eg. samsung has it’s own migration tool, where basically you pair the two machine and step by step migrates everything. It starts with google account, then keys, passwords, and apps, packages, and makes unattended, without touching the devices - only thing what we need is stable network connection. How cool would be to have an similar thing, that after network sync, we would be able to use fedora account setup to receive all your dev tools, git setups, and keys, and then apps. If this gets also an full installer support, basically we could use containers to trigger full install on a another bare metal machine…