Restorecon running automatically

Is restorecon scheduled to run automatically in Fedora? I haven’t scheduled it, but my computer’s fans just kicked on while the computer was idle and when I checked ksysguard I saw that the restorecon process was running as root and using 100% of 1 core. The command that started it, according to ksysguard, is

/sbin/restorecon -e /sys -e /proc -e /run -e /mnt -e /var/tmp -e /home -e /tmp -e /dev -i -R -f -
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No, it should not run on its own. Were you updating your system by any chance? A recent selinux update required a relabel, so it could be that.


That must have been it, I noticed restorecon running within 10-15 minutes of running the last update, and selinux was one of the things that was upgraded. Thanks.

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Same here, running on update Running scriptlet: selinux-policy-targeted-3.14.5-39.fc32.noarch. I just had the impression it is not the first time this happens, should we expect every selinux-policy upgrade to run restorecon? That would be annoying because it takes a lot of time for me and I guess for everyone. I’ll keep an eye on that…

No, every selinux update does not run restorecon. It depends on what updates are required. restorecon will only be used when there’s been a substantial update that requires relabelling of most files.

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