Reseting /etc in fedora kinoite(using ostree --no-merge)delete users?

so basically i what to do a “factory reset” in my system and came across this same feature in ostree , but trying it, it boot fine, but the sddm don’t show any user, and typing my username and password don’t work(the same happen when trying to login tty, even with the root account)

the exactly command used was

sudo ostree admin deploy fedora:fedora/rawhide/x86_64/kinoite --no-merge --karg-proc-cmdline

If you reset /etc to the default config then /etc/passwd & /etc/shadow will be reset to the defaults and you won’t have any user or password set anymore.

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oh, that make a lot of sense, there isn’t a way to login at least the root account?, like a first boot service that create it?

edit:the root account look like its still there in the /ostree/boot/…/etc/passwd i would need to find a way to login in a password less root account, or edit the deployment before restarting the pc, or managing to open a shell before boot, or very early on

You can probably do it via Troubleshooting :: Fedora Docs

Note that factory reset is currently not officially supported: Factory reset capability (#28) · Issues · fedora / Fedora Atomic Desktops / SIG Issue Tracker · GitLab

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Thanks for linking the issue.

Doing this to my knowledge is not that complex. You can use rsync and need to exclude the said directories.

Dont do that until we have a list of things that need to stay

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