Requesting review and approval for Flock 2024 Call for Proposals blog

Hello, I wrote a blog post for the announcement of Call for Proposals for the Flock to Fedora 2024 event. This blog post includes the dates, requirement and expectations and the link for proposal submission.

Here is the link to the draft: Flock 2024 CfP open now until April 21st – Fedora Community Blog

Your feedbacks will be appreciated


Added council, flock-2024

Adding council and @flock-staff to ACK this topic.

I scheduled the CFP announcement for Tuesday, 19 March at 08:00 UTC. An editor’s preview can be found here. It scheduled it after we open the CFP today so that we can do a soft-launch of the CFP on Friday, test over the weekend and on Monday, and then announce more widely on Tuesday.

Of interest to @council and @flock-staff is the write-up I used to describe the themes:

  • Accessibility (a11y): Fedora websites and docs use the current best-practices for a11y. Fedora Linux Editions use the best-available open source a11y tech. Our project tooling follows best a11y practices.
  • Reaching the World: Fedora Linux is available pre-installed on more systems from more vendors. Fedora Linux is widely available in cloud providers and CI services. Fedora maintains a strong network of thriving local communities around the world.
  • Community Sustainability: Everyone in Fedora can have a mentor, and everyone in Fedora can be a mentor. Modernize our communications tooling.
  • Technology Innovation and Leadership: Fedora is a popular source for containers and Flatpaks. Immutable variants are the majority of Fedora Linux in use. We integrate programming language stack ecosystems.
  • Editions, Spins, and Interests: Each Edition has a story for each release. It’s trivial to create and maintain a new Fedora Spin or Remix. More (active) SIGs, fewer images.
  • Ecosystem Connections: Better collaborative workflow with CentOS Stream. Get people working on downstreams directly involved in Fedora as an upstream. Collaborate on tooling, practices, and offerings with peer distros and upstream projects.

Here is the featured image that I came up with:

FYI: @tosindoreen