Requesting Discussion Tag Creation for xr-sig

I’d like to create a new tag that is for the XR SIG. SIGs/XR - Fedora Project Wiki

Right now I’m suggesting this tag be #xr-vr-ar-mr to cover the full XR spectrum. Suggested alternatives welcome.

How do we go about this?


This is the right place.

Although… I find #xr-vr-ar-mr to be rather unwieldy. Can we do just #xr-sig? There can be a sidebar which explains a little more.


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I’m okay with just #xr or #xr-sig. Thanks.


xr-sig it is (see Adding -team to (almost) all of the tags in Project Discussion for why… we still don’t have a satisfactory solution there.)

I’ll set you up with the sidebar post information shortly.

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Note also that if you have an FAS group for the SIG, we can sync that here too. That will let you do things like:

  • Have the SIG name by your name instead of “Packaging Team”
  • Have members of the SIG start at TL1 on this site, since it should be a safe bet that they’re not spammers
  • If you want to use it for decision-making or something, you can restrict polls to members of a given group
  • any other thing Discourse can do with groups

Yes, let’s set that up. The FAS group is xr-sig. Thanks.

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Done — and that should sync shortly. Do you want @xr-sig to work for “mentions”? (That is, everyone in that group gets a notification?)

Yeah, let’s enable that for now and if it gets noisy we can disable it in the future.

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