Request for Co-host/panelist: Docs workshop

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Here is social media copy for the December Docs workshop. Check the link and suggest improvements to reach more people.

Tagline for December social messaging

// Use Linux desktop or server? Want to benefit from writing user documentation?

There’s no better way to wrap up 2023 than with the Fedora Docs workshop.

Join us on December 7 UTC 08:00-09:00 (See local time below). The Fedora Docs team will guide you how to contribute user documentation, get ahead of technical writing skills and learn Docs toolset.//

How to host a virtual writing workshop using only open source software (version 1.1, Dec 2023)

1. Content planning: most important
Quick Docs issue, content samples, rehearsal x 10

2. Organizing and administration

  • Calendar: Fedocal
  • Announcements and marketing: CommBlog, mastodon
  • Planning and speaker’s note: Etherpad
  • Conference tool: Jitsi Moderated Meetings
  • Feedback loop: LimeSurvey

3. Recording and editing

  • Software: OBS Studio, Kdenlive and built-in plug-ins, Chromium browser, Pulseaudio pavucontrol
  • Hardware: Audio interface, XLR microphone, balanced XLR cable (low noise)
  • Video hosting provider: PeerTube

Think about smooth transition of sequence and stories.

4. Finesse required

  • Elocution and diction
  • Verbalize all actions while sharing screen
  • Use workspaces. not alt + tab or resizing windows
  • Use full-sized window

Docs team will update curriculum based on survey result. We will trial survey after the December workshop.

p.s.) as writing workshop evolves and continues with feedback, we can close this thread. Could anyone with right privileges close this?

Feedback and updates will be tracked in GitLab Epics.

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Hank asked to close this topic in the Docs Team Matrix room, so I am closing the topic as requested.