Request for ability to move topics between two categories

Hi there,

We sometimes get posts about Kinoite in the Silverblue category (which is understandable as users might be confused) and I would like to be able to move them from this category to the Kinoite one to keep things organized.

However, I don’t seem to have enough “power” to be able do that. Could I get granted a little bit more?


Hello @siosm ,
I’ll see what I can do, if I can’t @bcotton or @mattdm can for sure, until then I will pay closer attention to those posts and move them when I can.

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Looks like this did the trick! Thanks!

We are at the maximum for “staff” accounts, but we can make a group and give members of that group moderation power for a given category.

Ideally, we would use Fedora Account groups for this, but there’s a technical blocker there (see this), so we can either wait for that or do something ad-hoc.

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@jakfrost made me “Forum Regular” and this grants the re-categorize capability so this works for me.