Request an application to be flatpaked

Aside from asking the Dev’s is there a way to request an application to be flatpaked? The application is Joplin and is on Github?

Since it is available on the fedora copr repo, it should be able to be built using the fedora flatpaking tools (not necessarily true though). As for a specific channel to request it in a fedora flatpak, I don’t know off the top of my head. Possibly contact the author of the package through their official copr presence at fedora (here). It seems like a pretty useful app.

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If you would like to see it in Flathub, you can try


Well… I have not had any success building any flatpak, even the ones in the fedora repos. sqlbrowser was my latest failure (fell through a dependency hole and spent 4 hrs trying to get things to work only to give up). I have tried bleachbit , deluge and a couple others as well.

Thanks. I just can’t devote more time with this as it’s taken up too much of my time. I’m behiond on projects now.

I’m on day 2 of it feels like it’s gonna work out for me. I sent 4hrs Saturday trying to get the flatpak to build, and couldn’t.

They have marked my post as an Advertisement and have blocked all 2 of them… :upside_down_face: I guess I’ll never get this in a flatpak :sob:

Hello @tchx84, Welcome to the community! Thanks for the link.

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