Report for Fedora Week of Diversity support request

Earlier this year, we decideded to move from our usual ‘FWD → Fedora Women’s Day’ to ‘FWD → Fedora Week
of Diversity’ to celebrate and include the diversity we have in our community.
This is a report for FWD2021 that we celebrated in the month of October and for
which I had volunteered as a program manager (see:

Because of covid19, we had no chance of doing any physical events that have
been well received in past. Instead, we focused on a few different things

  • Video Series of “Fedora Stories” on youtube and twitter
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion resource page
  • Publish videos from Fedora Women’s Day 2020
  • Fedora Social Hour participation
  • Branding and Promotions

We wrapped this initiative by presenting our work at Fedora 35 release party. Slides can be found here)