Repolist from a USB stick

Hello, my wi-fi chip is not recognized by kernel. It is a Realtek 8822E so I have no Internet connection. Without tethering can you help me to install some packages from an USB stick that I need, make, gcc and linux-headers to compile some drivers for wi-fi?
It would be wonderfull if i could create a repo to USB as happened in the past with CD-ROM and so use dnf to install what I need and all its depencies
Tank you


such a thing like sudo dnf-cdrom --no-auto-detect --cdrom=/media// -m add
Anyway there seems no repomod.xml in USB!

dnf install /media/pathto/package.rpm 

should work and resolve dependencies as well.
Does that help? (Maybe you need to append --disablerepo=*)

You can also use createrepo to create your own local repo that dnf will treat as any other repo.

here is an example, using createrepo_c:


If you are referring to the live CD, it does not have the packages in rpm format. It is an expanded system that is then copied over to your hard disk when you “install to disk”.

As @florian says above: you can download the rpms to a drive and create a repo there using createrepo which you can then use wherever you want.


Indeed there is none such rpms!
So I suppose make, gcc in particular are not present in a USB stick …
I need to download them manually in the maentime I have used tethering!

Thank you!

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or someone were installed i don’t remember make and gcc, sure!

I’m not sure if they’re included in the default images. Even if they are, they’ll be in their installed state, not as rpms. So you still can’t use them.

Perhaps the most efficient way is to use the respins:

and then use dnf to selectively install the packages you want.