Replicating the Windows "Don't power off, Application X is still running" in Fedora?


  • Libreoffice is still open, you want to reboot, the reboot deletes the document (maybe)
  • You have any Text document open
  • Your browser has an open form or post, where the website would block the tab from closing

What happens is, that this is ignored by the OS (at least on KDE) and you “are allowed to delete your data”. I see how this fits into the Linux idea of some people, but I think having an opt-out poweroff-block of this kind would be really great.

Do you know what would be required to do this? Is this purely a KDE thing?

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It is responsibility of each app to intercept the quit signal and block it.

That is exactly what I do for my barry’s emacs editor to prevent data lose and it works on kde, macOS and Windows.

If an app you use does not do this I suggest you raise a big against it.

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