Replaced docker with moby-engine and docker operations slowed down

Since in the team we started to use cache and delegated storage options, I need to upgrade my docker.
I was using the docker package, but since it’s too old it does not support that options, so I had to replace docker with moby-engine.
The procedure was very trivial with a removal of docker and it’s dependencies and then install moby-engine. Also I’ve performed an docker system prune to remove the old images.
Also I’ve created an /etc/docker/deamon.js with:

  "data-root": "/home/docker"

because I keep all my docker data under that dir.

Anyone with the same problem? How can I debug this?

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Heya, how did you link it to selinux? @fidalgo hasn’t mentioned it in his question yet.

@fidalgo: have you noticed any selinux denials? In any case, the starting point would be to look at the logs to see if you notice anything related/suspicious: Viewing logs in Fedora :: Fedora Docs (@hhlp wrote that quick-doc, by the way :))

@FranciscoD and @fidalgo

Yes, we talk this before and solved, I moved to the respective post there you can find all the information you need to move discourse defulat dir to another and deal and fix with selinux problem…


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