Reorganizing Marketing Team GitLab

Adjusted the labels we use for the Marketing Team gitlab. We had lots of different labels before like ‘backburner’ and ‘idea’, but based on some feedback within the team I simplified it to the following four labels.

  • social: Tasks that are completed with or on a social media platform
  • video: Tasks that are completed with or on a video platform
  • team decision: Tasks that need to be voted on or discussed as a team
  • priority: Subjective label to highlight the tasks which are currently on deck or urgent

Some of these labels will overlap. Other tickets may not have labels at all because they are just tasks for the Marketing Team to do. They don’t fall into one of these categories.

I think this is enough for us as of now, but let me know your feedback! My goal is to drive my tasks from here so that it works as a big team task manager rather than a weird log of stuff to do that I didn’t look at often. Hopefully that helps everyone. I think all of our tasks should live in the gitlab.

I’ll also take time to mention that anyone who wants to contribute to the Marketing Team can check out our gitlab! If there’s something in there that you want to do or help with, let us know in the ticket or in our matrix channel.


These labels seem like logical improvements to me. I like them. My only feedback might be that social is ambiguous and social media might be more direct. It could also be that I had just replied to a ticket about the Fedora social hours before looking at this topic too.

Change it to ‘social media’ to be more clear. :slight_smile: