Rename Fedora Mobility SIG to Fedora Mobile SIG


I think we should rename Fedora Mobility SIG to Fedora Mobile SIG, because mobile is more common and (IMO) better word for this. I often see people talking about Fedora Mobile instead of Fedora Mobility… Confusion.

And it isn’t just “I think Fedora Mobile is better than Mobility!”. Mobility is simply wrong word for this:
“the term “mobile” refers to mobile devices themselves, whereas “mobility” refers to the manner in which users are engaging with those devices.”
source (and yes, the source is bad, but when you google the general opinion is clearly that mobile is a thing and mobility is something that is doing when we using that thing)
I think Fedora Mobility Mobile is the software for that thing. Think about Fedora Workstation and Server, Mobile belongs to the this group, not Mobility. Yeah, we aren’t Fedora Edition yet, but someday we will be. We are SIG that develop WIP Fedora Edition that is Fedora Mobile.

More sources:

I have spoken :slight_smile:


I guess. Both names sound good to me!

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I believe the original intent was IoT / Mobile with all those devices having mobility as a concept. Mobile as a name change makes sense given we have IoT as a standalone thing


I’m not big on naming discussions, but something Mobile related projects fail to capture sometimes in names like: “Phosh”, “GNOME Shell on mobile” is that these DE’s are also suitable for things like Tablets, Steam Deck-type devices, anything with touch (potentially VR headsets also, but that’s a stretch).

But all these names are fine… Just an observation more than anything, depends on how you interpret a mobile device.

I would support a rename. “Mobility” to me has strongest associations with devices designed to aid human physical mobility — e.g. Mobility - Harvard Health


I agree with the rename. I forgot why we settled on Mobility to start with.

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To me, a phone and a tablet are both mobile devices.


From this discussion, it occurred to me that in the future there will be no separate Mobile and Workstation.
The backend systems are the same (Linux, systemd, Wayland, Pipeware), GNOME is adaptive, GUI applications are adaptive. Actually, everything in Fedora Workstation is also in Mobile (that is, when Tobias Bernand changes are merged into GNOME). The only one that isn’t and won’t be soon is LibreOffice. There are some mobile-specific backend services and Calls, but not all tablets have a modem and some laptops have. Why can’t you use a laptop to make a traditional phone call (if it have modem)? We should include the same software in both, but ask e.g. about Calls app and some backend services during the installation phase.

It looks like we want to do this. How does the renaming proceed?

Personally, I don’t care much. I think either Mobile or Mobility are fine. That said, I think it would be nice to discuss this at the next SIG meeting before doing anything?

Renaming things is a hassle, I think we would have to do:

The next SIG meeting is next week (wed at 22UTC on #fedora-meeting-1 (irc) / matrix)


I think renaming to Fedora Mobile SIG could start already, since all the main contributors of the SIG are here, no one is against and many agree the proposal.

That’s true, but a good name is worth it.


To me, “mobility” suggests accessibility needs for people with mobility-related disabilities. This could include switch control, etc. Nothing to do with “mobile” devices.


So, now the meeting done and we can start renaming.

Well, the idea wasn’t super warmly received at the meeting (although
there really was only 2 of us there this time).

Logs at:

After the meeting, I heard from @pbrobinson who added some context
around the name (I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing that here):

“nirik: as a late follow up to the question around mobility vs mobile,
the later was deemed problematic as it could mean a lot of different
things, tablets and other handhelds are mobiles etc.
it was felt mobile sig would infer purely “mobile phones” where in
reality it could/should cover more, eg there’s a bunch of fun mobile
games consoles that could run Fedora these days too”

And I think he has a good point.

mobile → in some places only means “mobile phones”
mobility → in some places means “devices to help people move”

So, to me, they both have downsides, and changing it has real costs.

Unless we can come up with a more clearly ‘better’ name?

Unless we can come up with a more clearly ‘better’ name?

Maybe something around Handseld or Portable.

Mobility is a fuzzy term. First hit on google shows that even real estate is movable (“moving a whole house away from cliffs of dover”):

I don’t want to be seen as a nitpicker, but …

Given the context shared above, I feel like “Handheld” best describes the focus of the SIG to me.

Just another comment from the peanut gallery, take it with a grain of salt. Sometimes I think that naming things is one of the hardest things we do in Fedora. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Is this a local/regional language issue?

“Mobile” is widely used in different contexts to mean more than “mobile phones”:

What is mobile device management (MDM)? | IBM:

Businesses and their workforces rely on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops

International Travel Guidance for Government Mobile Devices | CIO.GOV:

…safeguard Government-Furnished Equipment (GFE) mobile devices—mobile phones, tablets, and laptop computers

Use of mobile devices by patients in hospitals - NHS Transformation Directorate:

…patients using mobile devices such as phones, tablets and cameras in acute hospitals…

In Ireland, if it was said to someone: “Could you please grab my mobile for me?” it would be a mobile phone without doubt. But I think every name is open to interpretation so Mobile gets a +1 from me regardless. Handheld also gets a +1 though.

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