Removing KOrganiser entries from the desktop

I recently installed KOrganiser on my system. When I decided to uninstall it by clicking on the dustbin icon in the software store, all was removed from the desktop except icons for the KAddress book and the Kmail import wizard. When I try to get rid of those I get error messages saying they are not available. How can I get rid of them?

Did you log out or reboot after uninstalling.If so then you might try and uninstall it in the terminal.

KAddress Book removed at the command line. As regards the KMail Import Wizard, sudo dnf auto remove KMail* gives - No match for argument: KMail*

First locate the desktop file for this “KMail Import Wizard”. Assuming it has the word kmail in the file name:

$ locate '*kmail*.desktop'

Then, with the full path of the file, you can find out which package it belongs to:

$ dnf provides /path/to/file

Brings up /usr/share/messageviewer/defaultthemes/5.2/kmail_default.desktop

That’s not the right file.

I found out it is /usr/share/applications/org.kde.akonadiimportwizard.desktop, provided by the package akonadi-import-wizard.

Note that akonadi-import-wizard is required by kmail and kalendar, so if you use either of those, you won’t be able to remove it.

Thank you. Sudo dnf autoremove worked on akonadi-import-wizard. Rogue item has gone from the desktop.

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