Remove one version/ of kernel 5.13.0-0 in fedora 35 rawhide

In fedora 35 are 3 kernels,
5.13.0-0 rc0, 5.13-0-0 rc1 and 5.13.0-0 rc1
the rc1 kernels do not work for me. I want to remove at least one. Because I fear the next update of this kernel could be no good for me. And after that update the only working one (the rc0 ) will disappear from boot screen.
How to remove this one kernel.
dnf remove does remove all kernels with same number 5.13.0-0.

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Also note that DNF doesn’t remove the running kernel.
So, you can simply boot the required kernel and update.
The oldest kernel, except the running one, should be replaced with a new one.


@vgaetera Thank you. I knew it should be possible, but HOW? Thanks again.

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