Remove old flatpak Nvidia drivers

I used the Steam flatpak. I’m on Silverblue, so I wanted to layer as few packages as possible. Are you using Silverblue? I think I would also have to layer Steam devices also using the rpm-fusion repo?

No, I use Workstation. Not comfortable with the ostree management yet.

Yes, I think you would need to layer the RPMs if installing with rpm-ostree.

Okay, I will try it. That way, I can use the x86_64 binaries. I only have about six packages layered currently.

You would want to remove the flatpak first. After installing steam the first time you launch it will setup everything under the users ~/.local/share directory tree. and runs from there with the icon .desktop file it creates.

If you already have a directory ~/.steam, ~/.steampath, and ~/.local/share/Steam you might consider removing those since the version from rpmfusion may not be the same version as your flatpak, and steam creates/updates those when it is started.

Note that steam is still 32 bit for the most part, and runs well on fedora 36 & 37

Even the flatpak version had been running well. I removed all those drivers and will see if they reappear after running flatpak repair

Wow, that complaint goes way back to 2019. This time it did remove two of the old Nvidia drivers out of a total of 14. The others were associated with Steam, so it wouldn’t remove them.

I noticed on my system that my Nvidia drivers were hung on 470.xx and 525.xx updates were blocked by errors. I manually removed the packages by DNF remove, and manually DNF installed the new ones. After restart the only thing ‘broken’ is the Nvidia control panel app. It always lags a version behind in my experience.
If you run DNF update at the terminal I bet you see a huge list of errors associated with Nvidia package conflicts.
And yes, I tried to update with --allowerasing. It didn’t resolve my issue this time.

flatpak uninstall --unused never worked for me for nvidia drivers, at least.
flatpak remove runtime/org.freedesktop.Platform.{GL,GL32}.nvidia-<version you want to remove>