Remote Login won't enable

Remote Login feature not working on f38 (observed on Silverblue, may apply to others)


This is a regression from f37. Attempt to login over SSH to system results in Connection Refused at client.

Go to Settings|Sharing|Remote Login and enable the function. You are prompted for authentication and Remote Login switch is activated. Attempt to login over SSH is again met with Connection Refused.

Logging-out and logging back in then checking state of Settings|Sharing|Remote Login shows the feature as not being enabled.


It appears that the Remote Login feature is not enabling the SSH service for the user.

In support of Changes/SSHKeySignSuidBit - Fedora Project Wiki the openssh RPM was modified to migrate host key permissions to be less permissive. The previous migration implementation had no consideration for OSTree systems or non-default host key locations, which leaves a system inaccessibly via SSH after upgrade. See

Related Issues

Bugzilla report: #2172966


sudo chmod 0600 /etc/ssh/*key

This is an known issue

To fix this problem,
sudo chmod 0600 /etc/ssh/*key, then sshd can be start.

@sampsonf you could edit the post with the link to the bug and with the workaround.

It’s already an accepted blocker, so it’ll get fixed (at least for IoT). If somebody wants to prettify the original report, we can publish it.

An update has been released to fix this issue in Fedora Linux 38.

After you update your system in your usual way (and possibly reboot), you should no longer be affected by this problem. If the problem persists, please start a new discussion topic and we’ll help figure out what’s still wrong.

This problem still occurs from rebase from Silverblue 37 to Version: 38.20230321.0 (2023-03-21T00:45:35Z)

$ rpm-ostree status
State: idle
● fedora:fedora/38/x86_64/testing/silverblue
                  Version: 38.20230321.0 (2023-03-21T00:45:35Z)
                   Commit: 74d58a1dc8bb00040dd6e6aef3803b13e7ef1809b6116a0d212727015d97de20
             GPGSignature: Valid signature by 6A51BBABBA3D5467B6171221809A8D7CEB10B464

                  Version: 37.1.7 (2022-11-05T06:01:00Z)
                   Commit: bfe9de223c9a4ba4a793d3e01f6b09024c919685ee73c896af767958725cac79
             GPGSignature: Valid signature by ACB5EE4E831C74BB7C168D27F55AD3FB5323552A

This is being addressed as a Freeze Exception and, AIUI, a fix has been submitted but hasn’t yet made it into the wild.

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A package update which may fix the issue in bug 2172956 has been submitted to the Fedora updates system.

Stay tuned — it will be available for testing soon!

A candidate fix for this issue has been submitted to the updates-testing repository for testing. If you are experiencing this problem, please help test this update and then report to Bodhi if it solves the problem — or not!

To install this update on your system, run this command: sudo dnf --enablerepo=updates-testing update --advisory=FEDORA-2023-bb12d0efe6