Release Notes Automation

Today, I pushed a Proof-of-Concept script for generating Fedora Linux release notes doc pages.

This script creates a new page for each Release Notes category from release notes information found in the Fedora Wiki ChangeAccepted category.
An example of the end result can be seen for the following categories:
SystemWideChange and SelfContainedChange.

For each change, if the Release Notes section is empty, it uses the change summary instead.

Feel free to try it, modify it, and use it as a base for writing the next release notes if you want to.

Hopefully, this will help us to get more accurate release notes in the future with less effort.


  • Since the release notes section is not standardized, you’ll most likely need to make some minor formatting edits, as the wiki syntax is a bit different that asciidoc. But technical knowledge about the change itself should not be required.
  • There are only 2 categories available right now as I don’t think the requirements on docs-team side in the fesco ticket were completely implemented (to provide a list of category in a pgm_doc ticket).

That’s really great news! Unfortunately, I’ll be able to get involved with it only after FLOCK.

A big thank you!

Is Self-Contained Changes applicable to each Edition?

For an example, if a workgroup of an Edition changes default behavior of installation script or data fields in the graphical installer, would the workgroup be taking care of the release note?

What part is being automated exactly?

Thanks for your help!

yes. This one for instance.

In an ideal world, yes. The owner of the change should come up with the release notes section filled, as proposed in the mentioned FESCO ticket.

Exactly what is described in the top post :slight_smile: I even provided 2 examples of pages generated with this script.
It takes the release notes section from all the changes for a specific version of Fedora Linux, and put everything in adoc file to be consumed by the Fedora Docs website.
It does not write the release notes for you out of thin air.