I installed Fedora 39 (KDE Plasma spin) from the media writer… a while ago, then put the machine away. Now I discover that not only is there a Fedora 40, but that I had somehow misentered my username (with a Capital letter, which I would rather not have) on the original installation. Apparently, changeing the username elicits some kind of error. I’m just starting to get back into Linux after a decade or so of a hiatus, but I used to regularly FUBAR things such that it was simply easier to reinstall an start over. I do not care about any existing data.

Having downloaded the Fedora 40 media writer, I find I do not know how to do a reinstall from this. I seems like It should be easy, but as before I just put the install CD and booted, I’m all at sea.

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From “root” you would need to change 3 things.

  1. vipw and rename the user to your preferred spelling
  2. vigr and rename the grounp to your preferred speling
  3. rename /home/ /home/

I think that is all that is needed to change a user name.

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