Reinstall Fedora 38

hi - i am currently on Fedora 38 using GNOME. i decided to switch over to KDE and use Plasma. it was fine, but i decided i like GNOME better. however, after switching back to GNOME, i discovered that there are some things not working. i can’t lock my screen, the text in terminal is difficult to see all of a sudden (i was able to change it, so that’s not a big deal), and there are a couple of other little things here and there.
i want to reinstall like it’s a brand new, fresh install of the OS, but i haven’t been able to do it. i still have the boot media and want to reinstall from it. but every time i try to get to the screen i need, it doesn’t work. thanks in advance.

Can you please elaborate on that? To me it’s not clear which step is failing…

sorry for the confusion. i want to do a fresh install of Fedora 38. when i reboot, i press the escape key and am only presented with 3 workstation options and an emergency mode and the UEFI option. i don’t see an option for the USB stick with the ISO on it.
what am i doing wrong? or is there something else i should be doing?

Most systems have a way to select boot media by pressing a certain key right after the system starts. Consult the vendor’s documentation.


You could also try to create a new user, log into Gnome and then copy your data from the old home directory to the new one if it’s all about some corrupted settings.

If you want to go the route with a fresh reinstall then check your UEFI / BIOS for boot options and activate USB Boot. Usually, you have to press a key on startup to select the proper boot device; my MB also offers an option to boot from stick when selecting UEFI settings, it depends on your setup.

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Often the boot menu from bios that would be used to select the usb device is one of F10, F11, or F12. YMMV depending upon the hardware and bios mfgr. There is often a splash screen with the prompts for that, but it may be hidden also.

Select the UEFI option, and that should bring you to the Firmware, where you can select the boot device.

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