Reinstall Budgie Desktop

When I try to reinstall Budgie Desktop, the layout is exactly the same as when I had previously installed it and i am unable to adjust or add some applets.

Any suggestions??

Try a new user to see if it works. If yes it is your profile where needs to be fixed.

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New user one works without issues. Any suggestions on how to fix for current user profile?

Added budgie

The desktop saves its configs in the home folder.

Search for budgie in the .config folder

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Please tell us what you try to achieve. Do you just want to reset the Budgie Desktop?

To reset the entire configuration tree, issue:

budgie-panel --reset --replace &!

Source: GitHub - BuddiesOfBudgie/budgie-desktop: Budgie Desktop is a familiar, modern desktop environment.

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Don’t worry, it’s working now after I used a different repo to reinstall.

Please elaborate on what the solution was? Also mark the relevant comment that is the solution as the solution.

You might share with us.

Do I understand correct? You tried to install from the fedora packages and this not worked as expected?

Fedora 40, yes installing from fedora repository’s didn’t work as expected so I added that repository and it fixed the issue I was having.

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Added desktop-configuration, home-folder

This is still confusing.

  • You had issues with your desktop?
  • you tried to reset the desktop config, which didnt work via a package reinstall, as the configs are in your home directory and the package manager doesnt touch these.
  • creating a new user is a good proof that this is the problem. Different home dir, same packages
  • you then added some “random” other repo, to do what?
  • this worked, and did what?
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Hey, I can represent Terra, we only maintain Budgie Extras in F40, I can’t tell what happened here. If you’d like to reset the panels try what @ilikelinux suggested and do budgie-panel --reset

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