Regarding Podman CRIU - CheckPoint and Restore in Userspace

Hello Team,

Article Summary : Podman is a daemon less container engine which supports CRIU - Checkpoint and Restore in userspace, which can be used as live migration of containers. In this article we will cover the podman checkpoint option with example.

Article Description :
In this article we will discuss

  1. Podman CRIU
  2. Why we need CRIU
  3. Syntax and options
  4. Livemigration with example

Looking forward to get this approved.


+1 from me. Sounds like a good addition to the Podman coverage.

Sounds great. +1. I’ve created card #166 to track this article. Let us know with comments on that card when you’ve begun working on the article and when you have it ready for editing and publication.


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