Regarding Gsoc 2020

Hi everyone ,
I am Aryaman Puri , sophomore, looking forward to contribute to “Dashboard for Packit” as a part of GSOC 2020.
I have some questions :

  1. Is I am at the correct communication channel ?
  2. How to get started?
  3. Where do discussions go around for the project ?
    Looking forward to contribute.

Not precisely the Right Place but I point out you, these are some nice :fedora: web page to read about the process:

  1. Google Summer of Code 2020
  2. Call for Projects and Mentors – GSoC 2020
  3. Ways to Communication
    ** Mailing Lists
    ** IRC Chanels
  4. Time Line


In order to get questions answered or obtain more information related to this year’s GSoC with Fedora, please contact the administrators directly or Join to Mailing Lists ***Best Options*** and introduce yourself (please consider CCing the summer-coding list where ever possible).

Here are all you need to know



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