Redshift stuck at 'Waiting for initial location to become available...'

I have installed redshift on Fedora 35 but when I try to add my location manually or using geoclue 2 the terminal keeps on running the process forever. It says ‘Waiting for initial location to become available…’, and finally I have to stop the process and thus I can not use redshift. I have attached the screenshot for reference. Is there a way to fix it?

Hi @aadi8sharma , welcome to the community! Please take a minute to go through the introductory posts in the #start-here category if you’ve not had a chance yet.

Have you had a look at redshift’s GitHub issues, for example:

Also note that Gnome already has a “night light” feature, so I’d recommend using that first. (This is noted on redshift main README also)


Redshift has 226 open issues and the last commit happened two years ago. I guess it can be assumed that the project is dead.

The issue is that the project is somewhat obsolete since all major desktop environments have this feature already built-in.

Regarding your actual problem:
redshift is not waiting for your location ('Waiting for initial location to become available…’]. If you read your output, it has determined the location as “25.6 N, 85.1 E”. If this is correct, you are in Dariapur, Patna, Bihar, India).
Only after that it is stuck with no further terminal output. So the issue is not location determination.

I rather think the issue is that redshift doesn’t support wayland (which is default in Fedora since F25 (?), so more than 5 years). I guess redshift is not usable anymore.