Recurring crash on a HP x360 Ryzen 5 when playing Steam games

I have a laptop:

HP x360 Ryzen 5 2500u, Vega 8

12GBs DDR4 ram, SATA SSD

Running on Fedora 38 / GNOME 43.3.

Whenever I play any games (notably on Steam), I usually experience a random system hang within a span of 5 ~ 30 minutes.

I made a pastebin link to show my log from:

journalctl -S -30m

This issue occurs between:

Mar 16 05:04:06 (when I boot the game, “Yakuza 0.exe”) to Mar 16 05:08:25 (which is when I do a hard reset).

Any idea why this occurs and how to fix it?