Recommendation for new laser printer

And how is that practice any different than M$ with their OS as a service practices?
Or APPLE with their 'everything in their silo" (hardware and software) practices.
Or any other software producer that no longer allows you to purchase it once and use it forever, but now have to pay a monthly, yearly, or whatever fee to continue to use their product or it quits working.
Those practices are what FOSS is intended to defeat but with hardware it is a lot more difficult.

At least (so far) HP gives you the way to disable their lock on using HP only toner cartridges in some of their laser printers. I am not personally aware of what is touted on that page about inkjet printers that quit working and it strikes me as supposition not fact.

It hasn’t been 8 days yet, so I’ll leave you time to sleep on it and maybe actually read the article. :wink:

Hey all. Let’s please keep this to the topic of specific recommendations for functioning laser printers. If you want to talk about tech culture and legal issues around printers, is probably a better place — but even there let’s keep it positive and professional. Thanks.