Recent Files - System Settings not saving

I’m on latest Fedora 38, KDE Plasma.

My recent files settings keep getting reset to default values, at least visually.

The “Keep history for X months” works and can be configured. (sidenote: I wish I can set a value of 0 months)
Its the “Remember opened documents” that is always defaulting to “For all applications”

I clearly remember configuring these to not track any history at all. Either way, I can’t seem to change these settings now. I can save them, switch tabs and back, and its back to default values.

Curiously, the recent files and location lists in Dolphin are empty. I am however facing recent file and location tracking in Flatpaks. I was actually troubleshooting for that when I found out about this issue.

I’m still unfamiliar with troubleshooting on Linux in general, so step-by-step guidance is appreciated. Thank you.