Received the following error "libvirt quit unexpectedly"

Received the following error: “libvirt quit unexpectedly”
Received this error: “Settings quit unexpectedly”

IDK… evidently my other quesiton in this regard wasn’t approrpiate?

Maybe you have to go thru your first request again and look what advice’s you got from ppl. here. You also got from the system links to read how to make a request where you get the readers attention.

Have you ever had a look in the Logs application? Sometimes you get some more info’s there why an application quit unexpectedly.

Log in with an older Kernel sometimes also helps that you can work as expected.

In a other request you also asked about a Download folder you not found within the files of the root user.
This and some other folders get created when you log in the first time fedora. With root we generally not login … so no Download folder there.

And a other good idea what you could do is, search about articles who show the differences in Windows and Linux. To understand that there are some fundamental differences between this operating systems.
Like the file system … that in Linux everything is case sensitive etc.

don’t know what the old kernel is because i’ve never used it and I haven’t used windows for a decade. this response - albeit appreciate and insightful - was quite presumptuous and did not solve anything. Again, appreciated - but presumptuous.