Rebooted during update, now desktop won't start

I just did an upgrade from 36 to 37 on my laptop.
For me it failed to properly update the nvidia drivers ( I use secure boot) and I was stuck with fallback to nouveau. The fix for me was to remove the nvidia drivers, then reinstall them so they were properly built and signed, then the boot was good.

It seems something may be wrong in timing on what is updated when so not everything flows as smoothly as we wish.

Since you are able to boot into the system, even though not into the normal graphics desktop, and the screenshot seems to show nouveau as a factor, there are a couple things I would suggest for the first steps of troubleshooting and repair.

  1. Look at the output of dnf list installed '*nvidia*'. This should show all the nvidia related packages currently installed, their version, and where installed from.
  2. remove the nvidia drivers. dnf remove '*nvidia*' --exclude=nvidia-gpu-firmware (the firmware is needed and must not be removed)
  3. look at the output of uname -a. If you are not booted to the 6.1.6 kernel then remove that kernel. If you are booted to that kernel then move on. dnf remove kernel*6.1.6*
  4. If you removed the 6.1.6 kernel then reinstall it. dnf upgrade --refresh
    After reinstalling the kernel reboot.
  5. now reinstall the nvidia drivers. dnf install akmod-nvidia xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-cuda
    Wait at least 5 minutes then reboot. Now the nvidia drivers should load properly.
    This can be verified with lsmod | grep nvidia which should now give a 4 or 5 line return.

The nvidia modules having properly been built after install would also be reflected by again doing dnf list installed '*nvidia*' and looking for the kmod-nvidia package matching the kernel last booted.