Reboot and blank screen

i have a Inspiron 5547 with F33. Current kernel version 5.11.11-200.fc33.x86_64 which i try to boot but it stick in a black screen with a cursor. I cant even open virtual console. So i assume that the keyboard also does not work.

The only workaround i have found to boot and login is passing the nomodeset=0 in the grub.
I believe the grub has changed so i tried to rebuild it but it doesnt change anything.
xrandr also is not as it should. it doesnt show the second monitor for instance.
i use X but i dont have an xorg.conf. the only conf is for the keyboard.
Surprisingly i have some Xorg logs but they are before the day i did the reboot.

I see a few errors on the journal booting logs but i am not sure if they are what cause the problem.
Other things i checked was the disk space. and the drivers
i dont know how i end up with this but i would appreciate any way to debug or fix it.

This is dmesq output

All your three links goes to 404. Can you paste journalctl messages here?
As far as I see forcing nomodeset=0 is obsolete since many years ago: What does `nomodeset` do - Ask Ubuntu . This should not be used under normal circumstances.
If kernel version 5.10.x works then I guess you have to stick to that. I find a copr repository for lts kernel 5.10: ekultails/fedora_kernel_lts Copr

I think is a different issue where the kernel does not even boot at all.

Sorry for inconvenience with the links. i created a new one with the logs from the last boot
Unfortunately all the kernels in the system are 5.11. So either i will wait for the next one(do you know btw when it will be available?) or try the repo that you posted. thanks a lot for it

i download kernel-5.10.23-200.fc33 from kernel-5.10.23-200.fc33 | Build Info | koji and all looks back in normal for now.