Rd.break - but how to resume booting (Dracut)

I know rd.break=*sometrigger* can drop me to an emergency shell. But is there a neat way to resume the booting process after some troubleshooting/debugging?

Is there any way to get a transient shell during Dracut’s initramfs booting sequence? Fedora Magazine article here says I can just exit and it will continue booting but I tried that several times and nothing happened. Is there something I’m missing? Thanksh.

systemctl default

See also: systemd: Change current target

Actually this works for me.

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After breaking at what trigger exactly?

I tested just rd.break following the linked article.
You can check the documentation for more options:
dracut.cmdline: dracut kernel command line options | dracut Miscellanea | Man Pages | ManKier

And where does that break the booting sequence? I tried it with rd.break=sometrigger that wouldn’t resume booting after issuing exit afterwards.

A failed service or missing dependency can prevent the boot process from completing. Does systemctl --failed show any failed systemd services?