Raspberry Pi400 WLAN working in Fedora 37?


is the Raspberry Pi400 officially and totally supported in Fedora 37? That would be great!


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You find the answer in the Release notes on docs.fedoraproject.org choose first section Fedora Linux ( you can restrict the search to this section, while select > “in this project”)

Raspberry Pi400 support

  • Support for WiFi on the Raspberry Pi 400 is out of scope of this change.

Thanks for the answer. Let’s hope this will be supported soon. In general, I am not so content how Fedora 37 is running on Pi400. Feels rather slow and sluggish. Nevermind.

Looking forward to Fedora 38. On my Thinkpad T470 Fedora is getting better and better with each release.

It is a bit dificult if you compair a single board computer with a Thinkpad laptop. Pi has its own OS who works best on this kind of hardware.

I do not know what DE you used on your pi and thinkpad. Using different DE’s can also increase the speed; see Spins.

p.s. if you id refer to the WIFI you could see that by the Pi changes for F37:

Support for WiFi on the Raspberry Pi 400 is out of scope of this change.

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Thanks anyway. I know that the SBC has limited resources, so it’s definitely not comparable to a laptop.
I did try the current Ubuntu on the Pi400 and it runs much smoother than Fedora. So I am confident, the Fedora Team will someday deliver a much better experience than today on this SBC.

Which Desktop environment are you using on Ubuntu?
Have you made comparison with the same DE on Fedora?

I used GNOME in both distributions.